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Seven Clues to Winning You - Kristin Walker Blythe lives a life of perfection. She wears her perfect designer clothing, to perfect Meriton High, with her perfect friends, and her perfect plan to finish high school, go to college, and get her own happily ever after. Life is perfect until her father desides he wants to try to become the superintendant of the district he is the principal for. Now Blythe must switch to Ash Grove High, where the year before an unflattering photo of her went viral, humiliating her to her core. After a rocky start, she defies everything to try to fix everything her spoiled attitude had broken and hopefully make a few friends in the process. As she goes along she realizes that she was a snob before, not much of a person she even liked. There is also the handsome Luke to contend with, and hopefully not fall for in the process. As jealousy and betrayals surface, can she hold it together, or will she lose it all once again?

This story was adorable. I have to say, I dont like the cover of the novel, but only because the models on it are too young looking. They look like middle schoolers, they dont look like a junior girl and a senior boy to me at all. I am one of those who sometimes judge a book by its cover (scandalous I know!) and so it through me a bit.

The characters are wonderful. All of them have the right amount of growth and appearance in things. Tara was the only one I was disappointed in, but villians are normally left alone and I view her as a villian. I am disappointed that we dont get to see how things between Tara and Blythe pan out at the end.

The romance between Luke and Blythe was sweet. It wasnt really out there and upfront, but it was sweet and gentle. It really was a happy beginning.

The story was hilarious. I laughed out loud quite a few times. The characters and their banter was just perfect and cute. It really was a sweet easy to read novel, perfect for when you need a bit of fluff and humor.