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Easy - Tammara Webber Ever notice how once someone enters your life, they are everywhere?
Jacqueline follows her longtime boyfriend, Kennedy, to the college of his choice just to have him break up with her so he can play the field. While at a party in attempts to get her spirit back, she is attacked by her stalker and rescued by the mysterious and handsome Lucas. Lucas seems like the perfect person to help her forget about Kennedy, but her feelings grow quickly. At the same time, in attempts to not fail Econ, she begins emailing the intellegent tutor, Landon. Their email exchanges are fun and witty and she quickly begins to wonder about the man behind the emails. Now she has to dodge her ex, steer clear of her stalker as he spreads rumors of them hooking up, and try to see who she can actually trust as a connection between Lucas and her tutor arise.

I really loved this book. The story was well written and paced well. Usually, I am not a fan of drama, I like things to be fluffy and sweet. This book contains rape triggers, but it isnt the main focus of the story. The rapes werent graphic either. The most graphic of them was the first, and it was only an attempted rape. It went on to mention that it wasnt the girl's fault, and included a message of empowerment for the victim.

I enjoyed all of the characters except for Buck, but I think that was done purposely as you want to see him for the monster he is. I thought the characters were well developed. There are times where Lucas feels a little too good to be true, but you do learn his flaws as the story develops. Ive known guys like him so I cant say that he isnt a real possibility for a person.

Jacqueline and Lucas are perfect together. Their banter and interactions are wonderful to read through. Lucas is hot, you cannot deny that. He leaves fire where he goes, all men in novels should be so hot. It can almost seem like they fall for each other too quickly, but when two people are so perfect for each other, I cant see why time should matter much. I was weary about them getting together, a victim and her hero seldom work, but I feel that since she wasnt actually raped when he saved her that it worked out well. I wouldve been more worried had she clung to him after having actually been raped.

The story was perfect. I laughed, I cried, I wanted to reread it as soon as I was done.