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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout This book! Wow!

Katy and her mom move from Florida to West Virginia a few years after Cancer takes her father from them in efforts to start over with their lives and move on from the cloud of depression that comes with such grief. They move in next door to Daemon and his twin sister Dee. Dee instantly bonds with Katy and the two become fast friends. Daemon is a total jerk towards her and makes it quite clear that she should stay away from Dee. Daemon grinds on Katy's nerves but at the same time she cant help to be attracted to this man that even Gods would be jealous of. When trouble strikes, Daemon comes to the rescue and saves Katy, much to her suprise. She had thought something was off about the twins, but it becomes increasingly obvious that they are more different than she thought. So different in fact, that they are Aliens.

The story is fantastic. It is engaging and pulls you in right from the start. The plot is entertaining and well thought out. The twists and turns are perfect and well placed. It is so hard to find anything wrong. There was one scene where Katy notices Daemon is wearing sweats and the next page he is putting his hands in his jean pockets, but otherwise the whole thing is just perfect.

I love how the aliens are described. It gives new meaning to it. Because of Hollywood, too often aliens are insect-like and creepy. Its nice to see aliens that are beautiful and amazing.

The characters are brilliant. Everyone feels so well thought out and developed. The side characters were engaging and nice to read about without shoving themselves into the front of the stage. Dee is adorable. She is so desperate for a friend that you feel sorry for her, but as things progress you understand why she is that way and it becomes nearly impossible not to love her.

Daemon and Katy have killer tension through the whole thing. Their banter is fantastic and you cant decide if you want her to slap him or just rip his shirt off and jump him. They are so obviously perfect for each other right from the start and its so fun to watch them slowly see that and still fight how drawn they are to each other.

All in all this book was completely perfect. A good book should be throughally enjoyed, well chewed and digested. This book digests you instead. It sucks you into its grasp and then fondles you, leaving you flushed and scandelized but wanting so much more.

Very highly recommended for all!