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Over You - Emma McLaughlin Review also posted at my blog

Max decides that there has to be more to life for girls than pining for their exes after they are dumped. There has to be a way to get over them faster and get on with their lives. Energized with the idea of getting over an ex after her own dumping, she sets out to create Ex Inc. Now she is the go-to for helping girls get over their exes and give them back the confidence they deserve. But when her own ex, Hugo, shows up in her neighborhood, she learns that she isn't as over him as she thought. With so many girls depending on her services, she might have to become her own client and get over Hugo for good.

I love cute little love stories like this. This story was really nice. I love the idea behind Ex Inc. It's one of those things that would be brilliant if it really existed. I can see how the Moments would be troublesome. Sure, they give the girls the confidence and knowledge that they are over the guys, but why trash the guys like that?

The characters are all enjoyable. They are all pretty well-rounded. Hugo was a jerk, plain and simple. I just loved watching the emotions the characters displayed. Watching them figure each other out as they went was really nice.

It's hard to say much about this without giving away spoilers, but just know that it was really cute and fluffy. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I laughed my way through it and didn't want to put it down.