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Breathless - Cole Gibsen Edith Smalls is a broken little girl. She wants nothing more than to blend into the background and stay invisible and under the radar. She skirts along, staying just out of trouble so that her strict Military stepfather doesnt send her away to military school. In attempts to please him, she goes on a date with kids that she would never typically hang out with. The date ends in a horrible boating accident and Edith getting terrorized by a savage girl in the water. It's easier to feign amnesia than to admit she was attacked by a mermaid. After meeting Bastin, a strange boy with silver hair and black eyes, she has to fight not to lose her heart to an impossible love.

As I read through this story, I really wanted to like it. It did hold my attention and I did blow through it like I would a really good book. At the end, the whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth. Edith and Morgan were very good characters, actually, I think most of the characters were good.

Sir was a horrible man. I dont care what his reasons for being the way he was were, he is a monster. I found myself gritting my teeth and becoming overly enraged every single scene he had in the book. I kept wondering why Edith or her mother didnt stand up to him. He needed knocked down a peg. At the end, even after his issues are made known, the mother still stays with him. Its just unhealthy. I know it was made to look like he would be getting help, but after 13 years of being that monster its just not right.

Edith and Bastin's love affiar was unbelivable. Did they fall for each other over a greater period of time, or was it really only about the 2-3 weeks that I thought the book took place over? Were they star crossed lovers? Seriously, I dont see how it worked. Bastin went from being someone who didnt know real emotions to suddenly being in a deep painful love? I just couldnt buy it.

Reading the summary of the book, I was expecting more action. A LOT more action. I was horribly disappointed in all of it. The climax was poorly planned and when it happened it was emotionless. It wasnt built up very well, its like this was meant to be entirely a love story and the action was thrown in during an editing request. It was disjointed and just didnt mesh with the rest of the novel.

The ending was bad as well. I believe this is meant to be a stand alone novel and yet the ending was left fairly open-ended. It had a bit of a cliffhanger in general. What is the purpose of that? Not to mention that the cliffhanger left it open for a book that would be horrid to begin with.

It had a few cute scenes with good dialog, but it lacked too much else to be worth more than 3 stars.