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Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star - Heather Lynn Rigaud This book was so awful. I wanted to like it, I really did. I started out hoping it would be light and funny like Prom and Prejudice and I was horribly disappointed.

This book was poorly written, the same vocabulary words being used over and over to describe things. It only held my interest because I was so certain it would just have to get better and by the time I realized it never would I was too far in and couldn’t stop because of my personal rule to always finish a book.

The characters fall flat for me. I couldn’t get into any of them and they weren’t believable to me. It felt like the author kept going back and forth from having the characters stand out in a modern way to reverting to Victorian times. It made for a really unsettling read. They seemed like completely new characters given familiar names instead of familiar characters placed in a different setting as I thought they would/should be.

The story was lame and felt tossed together. The book felt like an excuse to write smut, and even then it wasn’t even good smut. The sex scenes were rushed and mechanical with no flow to them at all.

It really felt to me like the Author had only seen the movies, and never read Pride and Prejudice and wanted to capitalize off the insta-fame that comes with writing a Pride and Prejudice variation.

All in all I was horribly disappointed and quite sad that I wasted my time here.