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Legacy Lost - Anna Banks This can be read for free here.

This prequel covers the story of Grom and Nalia, third generation, first borns of their respected kingdoms. They are to be mated to keep the gifts of the generals available to their race. They start out disliking each other, but it quickly changes to love.

I know this was a prequel and meant to be short before of it, but it almost seemed a little too short. Their interactions were small and shallow. I really wasnt fond of either one of them. Grom is pigheaded and shallow and Nalia is stubborn and seems like a spoiled brat. Their relationship being more than attraction was pretty unbelievable to me. Their entire love affair feels like it was dependant on "the pull", the myth that two Syrena could feel drawn to each other as a way to make more powerful offspring.

I still couldnt help but rate it high. The purpose of a prequel is to make you want to read the main story and this one did just that. It opens up questions and makes you wonder how things are going to play out. I, once again, read the prequel after the first book and it only opened up more questions than anything. So while it felt shallow and unbelivable, it served its purpose wonderfully.