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Judgment (Deck of Lies #4)

Judgment - Jade Varden Read this and other reviews at my blog.

The time has come. After sitting patiently in her jail cell for months, Rain's trial is about to begin. After months of plotting and planning, she can finally gain her freedom. Or can she? Surrounded by all the lies, she is left wondering if Asher will really try to get her off, or if she is walking right into his clutches once again. But Rain has her own plan, and if she gets her way, her life will finally be hers to control.

This book was perfect. I was so nervous for Rain. I was a little afraid of who was going to get happy endings, and how things were going to pan out in the end. The writing lovingly holds your hand and leads you through the story.

The characters were all the same as they have been. A few bonds are formed, a few bridges burned, but things all play out for the best with the friendships. I was very pleased at how things ended with everyone. Hard to say much on them because of a spoiler risk, but things are good. I am pleased.

When you begin reading, you are filled with so many questions. You are anxious and just burning for answers. Varden tosses you a curve ball right from the start by making things almost boring. This is not a bad thing. You start off seeing some of the day to day life that Rain spends in her cell. It calms you. Your questions go to the backburner. You are certain they will be answered, but you have to learn patience. This book was all about Rain showing that she herself had learned patience, so teaching it to the reader is brilliant. Then the trial begins. I cannot lie, the trial is dull! The court proceedings are written brilliantly. The courtroom is stuffy, dull, drab, and very true to life. It was all captured so fantastically. It is really a brilliant writing technique. It slowly builds up, you almost feel like you are right there in that boring courtroom along with everyone. When the Defense begins their case, you can tell the climax is coming.

Then you get another curve ball. You learn about two things that had happened in the shadows, and things fall into place as the world tumbles down for some and rights itself for others. I remember my jaw dropping and a smirk taking over my face. It was brilliant. I wish there was a better word to describe it, but there really isn't. Then you get to see the aftermath as everyone puts their lives into the new shells that are created for them.

Rain obviously gets off. I mean, it's her story, she can't go off to jail. You get to see her as she continues the friendships that matter, as she returns to school, as she deals with the grandmother she hadn't met before, and as her and River figure out their relationship.
It was really wonderful to watch it all.

Judgment was a fantastic ending to an amazing series. Loose ends were tied up, lives were changed, and justice was served. I am so happy to have been exposed to this series. Highly recommended to all.