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The Anti-Prom

The Anti-Prom - Abby McDonald Read this and other reviews at my blog.

It's prom night, but the perfect night of dances, dresses and lipglosses is going anything but perfect for three very different girls. Popular girl Bliss just saw her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, Bad girl outcast Jolene is completely out of her element, and in pink, wondering why she thought he would show up. Shy, invisible Megan is ready to take control of her life and stand out, until her date cancels on her at the last minute. When the three girls come together for a little revenge and rebellion, then end up with a night that none of them could've imagined.

This book was cute. It wasn't special, it wasn't unique, it wasn't fabulous, it was cute. This is one of those cute coming of age stories where the characters look at their lives, hate what they see, and change it in ways they didn't think would happen. It's light, it's fluffy, it puts a smile on your face and then you move on. It isn't the type to endear itself to you and leave you thinking about it for hours afterwards. It entertains you until the last page, and then you move on.

The characters are cute. I liked the three main girls. Their stories make sense, they fit the roles that were created for them. They have a lot of fun, they fight, they yell, they laugh, they have a great time with each other. The other characters in the story were perfect as well. There was nothing wrong with any of them. None of them really stand out and make you think about them, but they all played their roles really well.

The plot was simple and it was written smoothly. The story keeps you glued and you want to know what happens. It's all fairly predictable, but it leaves a smile on your face as you watch each girl grow in their own ways, as well as the friendship between them growing.

So while this isn't a remarkable book, I have to recommend it. It is a great short little read. I would've given it a 4stars, but I usually don't rate fluff books that high unless they really impress me. This one entertained me, but I wasn't impressed. That doesn't make it any less worthy, just not memorable.