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Onyx (Lux, #2)

Onyx (Lux, #2) - Jennifer L. Armentrout Review originally posted at my blog

Katy and Daemon are connected. After Katy tapped into Daemon's powers and killed an Arum, injuring herself horribly, he healed her. Now she is connected to him because of the healing and it is driving her crazy. Daemon is set to prove he loves her, but Katy is certain it's just the connection driving his attentions and nothing more. Top make things worse, the DOD are in town and keeping their eyes a little too closely on Katy, Daemon and the other Luxen. So when a new boy comes to town, claiming to know what happened to her and that she is just like her and can help her train, she jumps at the chance. She sees it as a way to help protect Daemon, Dee, and their secret. Daemon views it as a betrayal and doesn't want her anywhere near the kid. When Katy sees someone who is supposed to be dead she realizes that everything is about to change. Half of what she has been told are lies and with the pressure mounting, not everyone is going to survive.

This series is addicting. I love the characters and I love the plot so much. Things started a little slowly for me. In Obsidian Katy and Daemon have this amazing sexual tension from the first page and it drives the story even faster for you. When Onyx began, that tension was missing for the most part. I was about 20% in before things started feeling like a Lux novel for me again.

The characters are all still wonderful. The tension between Daemon and Katy does eventually show up and it is just as wonderful as it was in Obsidian. These are two characters that are meant to be together. They are connected, and I don't just mean by the healing that Daemon did. The new character Blake isn't awful. I didn't really trust him from the beginning. There was something off about him. Then the doctor, Will. He threw me. I should've remembered him and I didn't so when his connections are revealed I was just as shocked as Katy was.

This novel was really meant to help pick up the plot and wow did it! The story is fairly fast-paced and the lies and secrets hide behind every corner. There is so much talk about Dawson and Bethany and how the DOD treats the Black family that you will really benefit from having read the prequel Shadows. If you haven't read it, then you should read it before you dive into Onyx. It will help you tremendously.

I recommend this series to everyone. It just keeps getting better and better. Jennifer L. Armentrout is a genius. I've only read the one series by her and yet it is enough to put her up in my top favorite author's list and guarantee that I will buy anything she puts out.