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Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots

Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots - Abby McDonald Review also posted at my blog

Jenna is a Green Teen activist from Jersey. She is all about saving the enviroment, but when her family decide that they will be staying with her grandma in Florida while her dad is on an overseas business trip, she decides that it's time to really become one with nature. Best way for her to do this, is to spend her summer in Canada at her Godmother Susie's home. She is excited to see the beauty of nature that her activism is so eager to save, and the hot boys are certainly not a downside either. She quickly realizes that her ideals are far from perfect, and that nature has a lot to teach her about herself.

After reading Getting Over Garrett Delaney, I was anxious to read something else by Abby McDonald and this was the first thing I could get my hands on. I was really worried I wouldn't like the story. I have no problem with conservation or activism, but they usually don't make for an entertaining read for me.

The characters were enjoyable. They weren't as fun as I had hoped they would be, but I did enjoy reading about them. The plot was really simple. Things kind of fell flat for me. The story seemed like it was going to have a real direction about it, and it ended up being just a coming of age story. It's like the summary was too hard to write for what the story was. Now, don't let that sell you off of it, because it was really fun to read.

I dislike how the best friend eventually got painted out to be the villain, but the way the story needed to go, it was kind of needed. It becomes obvious right away that the friendship will crumble based on this summer. It's sad to lose friends, but considering Jenna really found herself, which seems like it was something she didn't have before, it was worth losing a friend over. It has to be a horrible thing to realize that you were trying so hard to fit in somewhere that you lost yourself, but Jenna handles the realization with her head held high.

So while not as cute as Getting Over Garrett Delaney, it was a really cute story that I enjoyed reading. Really probably a 3.5 star book, but I'm feeling generous.