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ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1)

ReVamped (Angel Creek, #1) - Ada Adams Review also posted to my blog

Dawn has lived a rather sheltered lift at the Presidential Headquarters where she and her father live. He has always pushed for her to be well trained so that he never had to worry about her safety. She loves living at the headquarters, but has always dreamed of being given a mission that would take her away and give her the chance to prove herself. When Angel Creek needs new guardians and she is placed in charge of training them, she feels like she has finally gotten her chance. Upon arriving at Angel Creek and meeting the ragtag crew of misfits, she finds that she has a lot of work ahead of her. When a local human is kidnapped, her and her team must band together to save her. As they go to rescue her, secrets come out that change Dawn's life forever.

This book was so fantastic! It isn't often that a series leaves me floored, but ReVamped has done just that. The writing style is nice and easy. There is a perfect flow about it that draws you in and embraces you tenderly. The story hooks you right from the start and you can't escape the pages until the story is over.

The characters are fabulous. They all felt well rounded and fleshed out. They weren't over the top or hard to like. They were each perfect in their own perfect little way. Dawn is a wonderful heroine. She wasn't whiny and weak or overly strong and powerful. Sebastian was incredibly dreamy. I wish he was more of a talker, but I can live with what I got.

It is so hard to really go into detail on how fabulous this book was without spoiling so much. It wasn't your typical vampire tale, and that just helped with it's charm I think. I really recommend this to everyone!