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Death (Deck of Lies, #3)

Death - Jade Varden Review originally posted at arielavalon.com

Rain has figured out who really killed Laurel, but this is only the beginning. She very quickly finds that the Von Shelton's own her, and when they want secrets to hide, they stay hidden. Rain has a plan, she will see to it that River will not ever see trial, no matter what.

I cannot tell a lie. I thought this series was a trilogy and now I am horribly disappointed because I blew through this book in the small span of a morning and now I get to play the waiting game. Sure, the cliffhanger was missing this time around, but there are still so many twists, so many secrets, and so many confrontations that have yet to be seen.

The first two books were full of twists and turns, but they had nothing on this book. The characters are still their same fabulous selves. There was a lot more River in this book, love that. Sawyer is so many different kinds of messed up. He's one of those characters that I want to like, but I hate him too, so I am left feeling horribly sorry for him. He is just so unbalanced.

This series is strong, mysterious, and addicting. Go read it!