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Justice (Deck of Lies, #1)

Justice - Jade Varden Review copy was provided by the author for an honest review.
Review originally posted at arielavalon.com

Rain Ramey has spent her life thinking she was one person, just to learn she was kidnapped shortly after birth and belonged in a whole different world. Desperate to know why she was kidnapped, firmly believing that the Ramey's weren't bad people, Rain jumps into an investigation to learn more. Enlisting the help of the handsome and brooding River Scott, they begin to uncover a few truths and see there are more lies under the surface.

The very beginning of the story was hard to get into. The first few pages begin slowly, agonizingly slow. Once Rain makes it to Sloane Academy, it begins to pick up, but not a whole bunch. Her time in school starts off with her crossing the resident mean girl. Once the plot really begins to pick up though, this book becomes something you cannot put down. On the brightside, it's short. On the downside, it's short! The writing is really nice. There is a general flow about things that I found comforting as I read. There were little cliffhangers at the end of a lot of the chapters and some scenes that worked, but got a bit annoying after a while. It almost made the book feel like it was a read meant for a younger audience than it is.

The characters are nice and engaging, though some are predictable. Tom? Totally predictable. Owen, I think he is going to be predictable also, but that will need to be seen in a different part of the series. Rain was a nice heroine. I really did like her. She tried to adjust to things and she didn't come across as very whiny. I would have liked to see her make up her mind about her love interest a little bit. River I adored from the beginning. I love everything about his character.

This was a wonderful beginning to what looks like will round out to be a fabulous series. Highly recommended.