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Unraveling (Unraveling, #1)

Unraveling (Unraveling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris Just before the start of her junior year, Janelle is hit by a truck and dies. When a booy she has never spoken to comes to focus infront of her eyes she knows without a doubt that the loner Ben Michaels has somehow brought her back to life. Now her FBI father is trying to find anything he can about the John Doe who hit her with his truck, as it seems he appeared out of thin air. There is a clock counting down to something. When someone close to Janelle is killed, and she takes over her father's case it becomes apparent that the clock is counting down to the end of the world, and Janelle is in way over her head. She needs to learn what Ben Michaels did to her, and what he knows, and try not to fall in love with him in the process.

This book caught me off gaurd. Ive gotten to the point where I dont trust the labels people on goodreads gives to a book, so the sci-fi aspect kind of snuck up on me. The alternate universes thing was what got me, but I didnt have a problem with it.

I really enjoyed the characters. There were times that things seemed a little out-landish, but it was a sci-fi novel so I just went with it. I enjoyed everyone really. I thought Nick was sort of a pointless character, but I suppose he was needed so there would be a reason for Janelle to have to walk in front of the truck that hit her. I really loved Ben. It makes me sad that he never was brave enough to make a move on her before.

The story was nice to follow and didnt go too fast or slow for me really. There was a lot of science talk in there that I didnt want to be friends with, but it wasnt enough to be really offputting. The romance between Janelle and Ben was frustrating, but it made it a little more heartbreaking at the end. Even then though, the end felt numb to me. Just, how things worked out, they were fine in the moment, but once I stopped to collect my thoughts I realized how anti-climatic and robotic it was.

Even with its flaws, I still enjoyed the whole thing and am anxious for the next novel.