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Caleb + Kate

Caleb + Kate - Cindy Martinusen-Coloma A modern day Romeo and Juliet story, Kate is the heir to the Monrovi hotel chain. She meets Caleb at her school and falls for him right away. Their families have a history based on the land the first Monrovi hotel was built on, which causes issues in their lives. The families tell them to stay away from one another, but love cannot be stopped.

I was horribly disappointed in this book. I was expecting much much more from it than what I got. Kate and Caleb were both rather drab characters. I like impartial books, so the religious aspect bothered me after a while.

The characters fell flat for me. They were hardly believable. Kate being bored with her socialite lifestyle was believable, but everything else felt thin and watered down. They didnt feel well characterized at all and some of the characters didnt feel like they even needed to belong in the story to begin with.

The romance was unbelivable. Romeo and Juliet fell in love and decided to marry after three days and then chose death so they could be together. Their story was more believable. Caleb and Kate didnt feel connected to me at all. They seemed more like an attraction than anything else.

The writing was boring and awful. The dialog was less than fine. The dialog was just boring and often misplaced. The scenese would change from one to another with no warning and the timeline was rushed. The story was told to you. You didnt read and experience it. I felt like the entire thing was written in a monotone voice. I couldnt get into the story, I couldnt connect to the characters, and I couldnt read the words as anything more than a monotone essay.

It had so much potential and it failed so much in my eyes. A true disappointment, as I was excited to start reading it.