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What A Boy Wants

What A Boy Wants - Nyrae Dawn Sebastian Hawkins is the Hook-up Doctor. He knows how to help a girl get any guy but because he has spent so much time watching his Mother's failed relationships, he doesnt believe in love. When he starts falling for his best friend, he realizes he is in way over his head and doesnt have a clue.

I was horribly disappointed with this book. The plot seemed promising and cute and Im a sucker for the name Sebastian so I dove right in.

Sabastian drove me a bit nutty. I didnt like how he talked. The whole time I just wasnt too crazy about the fact that he was the main character. Aspen seemed really nice, but I couldnt connect with her. Pris was such a side character that I couldnt connect with her. Out of everyone, Jayden was the most interesting character and he was as much in the background as Pris was.

What bothered me the most with this book was how predictable it was. I knew exactly how the book was going to play out, exactly how it would end by the end of Chapter Two. You should never know how a book will end that early! I kept reading, hoping I would be wrong, but everything played out exactly as I thought it would and that just killed it for me.

The book wasnt completely dull, but I couldnt connect to the characters or the story. Knowing how it would end before the book had even really started was awful. If you are desperate for something fast and light that you wont get connected to, its a good read. Otherwise, dont waste your time.