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Everlost - Brenda Pandos Read this and other reviews at my blog.

**Beware of possible spoilers**

Tatiana's world changed with a single kiss. Torn between her hatred for Azor and her unwanted love for him, she must fight through the bond's effects and decide what she really wants. But lies and deception run rampant in the kingdom, and if she doesn't find out who she can truly trust, and fast, she might not live to see things change. Everlost takes place at the same time as Evergreen, only from within Natatoria.

This book was really hard for me. The characters were the same as ever, although the entirety of the book until the very very end followed Tatiana and her bodyguard Jacob's point of views. The two of them, joined with Azor and a few supporting characters are the bulk what what you are exposed to until they very end.

The story and writing were amazing. There were a few plot holes, which have lingered throughout this series and never been fully addressed or fixed, but otherwise it was perfect. The writing is compelling and fast paced and leaves you wanting more with every turn of the page.

What didn't work for me, really was the point of views. In my review of book #2, Evergreen, I had said that not having an eye into the kingdom made the book unsettling for me. After reading Everlost, I can understand why the book didn't flop between the land and sea. It would've made the story too incredibly long and wouldn't have been possible to split between two novels because of the fact that the conflict would have taken far too long to build. Everlost was no different. Not having any knowledge of land, although you already know what happens there, was unsettling. This started out as Ash and Fin's story and then Everlost steals it and makes it Tatiana's story. I feel like the end of the novel didn't have enough resolution and stole the story away too extremely. There should have been a better balance.

Aside from those issues though, this was still a wonderful read. It attaches itself to you right away and you cling to the words, desperate to make it to the next page and see how things go. While I enjoyed every moment, I was left disappointed in the end. I'm not sure if this is the end of the series, but if it is, I am left saddened and unfulfilled.