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The Locket - Stacey Jay Katie and Issac have been going out for three years. One night Katie is feeling particularly neglected by her boyfriend and makes the mistake of kissing their best friend Mitch. Someone saw, told Issac and on their anniversary he dumps her and leaves her miles from her home to walk back in the rain. While she had been getting ready for their date, Katie borrowed a locket from her grandmother and chose to wear it. While she is walking home, feeling awful about things, she wishes that she could go back in time by two weeks and never kiss Mitch to begin with. The locket burns her skin and she opens her eyes back on the night of the dreaded kiss. She has the chance to fix her mistake, but changing her past is messing with her future and she isnt positive she can ever fix it.

This story was wonderful. I love the concept and the locket and how cruel it often was. The characters were nice too. I was left wondering about some of the things that happened in the alternate reality and if they had actually happened in the real reality or not, but it doesnt really matter if any of the things really happened, they helped Katie to grow.

Watching Katie and Mitch together was wonderful. I loved seeing how they were meant to be together. The wedding scene really sealed it for me. Mitch was so wise about things. The end of the last time travel is heartbreaking. I cried and cried.

I expected the ending. I was wishing for it really. I think I cried harder from getting my wish than I had from the sorrow of the last time travel.

This is a really hard book to talk about without spoiling it completely. I will say, that I shouldve read this book months and months and months ago when I bought it for my kindle on sale instead of waiting all this time ignoring this perfect story.